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In a single Hub
HubHandle is a easy-to-learn simple-to-use platform for managing all your social media handles. Create AI powered posts, publish across platforms, get real time analytics, collaborate with your team members, and automate stuffs with
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One click
Publish across platforms
With just a single click, you can publish your posts to all your social media handles. You can schedule your posts or leave it to our automated AI powered post scheduler, which will analyze your past trends and post at just the right time, to maximize the reach.
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One place
Add your team
Add your team and control who has access to what with the intuitive level based access control. Add approvers and moderators to keep your handle secure from any unwanted posts. Get notified if your handles are at risk from hackers.
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Simple editor
Create amazing posts
Use our simple editor to create posts that looks good in all the social media platforms. Our editor optimizes your posts so that it looks the same in all the devices. Use the power of LLM and AI to generate amazing posts that generates leads.
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Easy analysis
Grow your business
Access real-time analytics about your posts and track trends over time. Receive intuitive reports on your social media growth and understand the strategies that work. With just a single click, refine your strategy to replicate what works.
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Seamless automate
Automation is easy
Get access to useful automation tools and automate stuffs in a single click. Simplify integration with your internal tools using pipelines and user-friendly APIs.
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